Resource guidelines

The CEPA Resources section contains practical teaching resources shared by Christian educators to benefit and strengthen the work of educators around the nation and beyond.


The following guidelines have been implemented to oversee the distribution and use of resources from the CEPA website. These guidelines have been developed to help maintain the quality of resources uploaded and ensure that these resources are used to strengthen the quality of Christian education and nurture the growth of individual educators as professionals.

All material posted or uploaded to the resources remains the property of the original poster and CEPA is the licensed distributor of such content.  CEPA reserves the right, without notice, to access or view all such material, or to move, rename, or delete any resource that is deemed inappropriate, disruptive or fails to conform to these guidelines. 

If you have an issue concerning CEPA services, policies or staff, please contact Complaints will be taken seriously and all efforts will be taken to address them.

Resources User Agreement:

  1. All resources that are uploaded to CEPA are void of profanity or foul language.
  2. The content of uploaded resources does not contain links to inappropriate websites that may violate the Child Protection Act.
  3. On uploading a resource, you give permission for other users to download and use these programs within their own educational context. Other users may make adjustments to your resources.
  4. In downloading resources for your own use, you agree to adhere to professional principles, recognising that the use of teaching resources requires thought, reflection and adjustment to fit your own educational context.
  5. Where a program or resource is a work in progress, it is clearly tagged with ‘work in progress’ when uploaded.