CEPA Online Professional Development Launch

Monday, 17 October 2016
CEPA online professional development:

This week marks the launch of CEPA's first online professional development course. This course is accessible to all CEPA members and contibutes to two hours of professional development. It is also fully accredited with BOSTES and TQI for educators in NSW and ACT. This course is designed to be completed individually or in a group context, though each participant will need to personally complete the coursework to receive credit with BOSTES and TQI. An email will be sent to all CEPA members when this course becomes available with a link to access it.

The topic of the course is, 'The Bible and Education' and explores our understanding of the Bible and its relationship to education. During the course, participants will:

- Unpack the purpose of education
- Explore the nature of the Bible and its connection to education
- Investigate challenges of using the Bible in the classroom context
- Analyse some practical examples of the Bible being used in the classroom
- Engage in video snippets from Rod Thompson
- Develop their own lesson plan with consideration of using the Bible authentically

We encourage school leaders to use this PD with their whole staff. We would also encourage schools, if they find this professional development helpful, to contribute to CEPA through staff memberships in supporting further online learning.

New term:

Welcome back to Term 4. We pray that this term is a time of blessing for you and your school communities as you continue to unpack the wonders of God's creation with the students entrusted to your care. Thank you for your service.

This term on CEPA:

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