Renewing Subscriptions and other News

Monday, 27 June 2016
We are entering a time of the year where many members have subscriptions expiring and are ready for renewal. Unfortunately, some of the automated emails that have been sent out have not been giving very clear instructions for renewing subscriptions. This has been ammended now and we have sent out clarification emails where possible. 

‚ÄčAs an additional effort to make sure the renewal process is clear, here are the best steps for renewing your CEPA membership (these instructions are written assuming you are using a desktop computer):

1. Log on to the CEPA website at
2. Click on 'Renew Here' at the top right of the screen.
3. Select the appropriate membership type and click 'Join'.
4. Complete the necessary fields, check the agreement box and choose your payment type, then click 'proceed to payment'.
5. Complete your payment via credit card or paypal. You should receive an invoice via email for your payment.

You can check the status of your membership at any time by clicking on 'My Profile' at the top right of the CEPA website and choosing the 'Memberships' tab. It will show you the expiry date of any active subscriptions.

Remember, if your school pays for your subscription, you do not need to manually renew, this will be done for you when your school pays for your subcription.

Also, if you have recurring paypal payments set up with CEPA from the previous website, you DO NOT need to renew manually. Your subscription will be renewed when we receive your recurring payment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at