Using CEPA in your School

Monday, 13 June 2016
We have come to the realisation that CEPA is most useful for Christian educators when it forms a natural part of what happens within a school. Many of the tools provided by CEPA are designed with the possibility of supplementing what happens within staff meeting and professional development time.

So, how can CEPA be used within a school context?

Here are some ideas:

1. Print out or copy the weekly blog post to read as a staff and discuss together. After the discussion, contribute your collective thoughts to CEPA.

2. Write out the discussion questions from the weekly blog on the staff white board. Encourage staff to contribute and write thoughts around the questions during the course of the week and discuss together at the end of the week.

3. Provide staff with time to download resources from CEPA and upload some of their own samples.

4. Use the online professional development courses (arriving in term 3) once each term during a staff meeting time as professional development for your staff.

5. In response to discussions within staff/section meetings, have staff post their thoughts, ideas, and questions to CEPA.

6. Use the CEPA videos as part of professional learning with staff. Watch these videos and engage in conversation around them. Perhaps respond with a collective response on CEPA.

A lot of these ideas don't require everyone to be members of CEPA, but are allowing CEPA to contribute to the growth of Christian educators. We encourage you to use some of these ideas or even suggest to your Principals some ways CEPA might be used to nurture the educators at your school.