Subject Focus Month - English

Monday, 6 June 2016
Today marks the beginning of what we are calling CEPA's very first, 'Subject focus month'. When we reviewed CEPA last year, one of our goals was to build up the existing resources on CEPA and ensure fresh resources are being uploaded.

The uploading of teaching resources has always been a challenge on CEPA. It has been heavily reliant upon members taking the time to share resources. We have found there are two main barriers for making this work:

1. Teachers are busy with planning lessons and dealing with day to day school requirements. It is difficult for teachers to be in the mind-space of thinking, 'I must upload this to CEPA.'

2. Sharing programs and teaching resources on CEPA is a bit scary. In doing so, a person is putting their work in to a semi-public arena, opening their work for critique. Now whilst people are generally pretty nice on CEPA, this is still confronting.

So, we are tackling this challenge with subject focus months.

What are subject focus months?

Every second month, we will be focusing on one subject area. For the month of June, we are focusing on English. During this month, CEPA will be regularly uploading (at least weekly) some resources for that subject area that have been gathered from Christian schools around Australia. We want to also encourage members to grab an English program or two from your school and share them with CEPA if you are able to.

What will the quality be like?

The reality is that no teaching program or resource is perfect. There is always room for growth and improvement. The purpose of resources on CEPA are not to provide absolutely perfect examples of Christian curriculum, but to share ideas and collaboratively seek to build upon the work that already exists in Christian schools. Don't be afraid to upload 'work in progress'. We are all works in progress.

What if I am not comfortable putting my name to resources?

If you feel uncomfortable about putting your name to resources on CEPA for whatever reason, but would be happy to upload resources anonymously, you can email resources to and I will upload them for you anonymously after ensuring any references to children and staff names are removed from the program for privacy's sake.

Does this encourage plagiarism?

The way resources are used on CEPA is largely up to individuals. However, we believe it is impossible to take a teaching program from one teacher and directly apply it to a classroom in a different schooling context. Each classroom is unique. However, an equally concerning problem in education is the incredible workload many teachers face and the 'reinventing of the wheel' in Christian schools. We encourage Christian educators to use CEPA resources with a balanced view of 'working smart' yet faithfully applying any new resources to their own classroom context.