Conferences and Collaboration

Monday, 25 July 2016

Over the last few weeks, many of us have been engaged in conferences within our states/territories engaging with fellow educators passionate about revealing the glory of God's kingdom through education. I am always struck by the blessing of being able to unite with other Christian educators at such events. It reminds me that I am not doing this alone. There are thousands of other teachers around the country and beyond who are all working towards the same goals I am. I find this greatly encouraging.

At the NSW CEPA conference last week, hosted by Covenant Christian School, we had a fantastic time exploring Transformation By Design in greater depth. From that conference, the beginngins of some great units have sprouted which we will share on CEPA during the coming weeks.

We would love to hear any highlights from the learning that has taken place. If you were challenged by something or learned something you think is worth sharing, please post on CEPA about it. It is encouraging to hear!

Coming Up:

Beginning next week, we will be starting our next subject focus month on Mathematics. Throughout August, we will be uploading Mathematics resources for people to use and learn from. If you have access to Mathematics resources that may be useful for Christian educators or know someone who does, please share! Regardless, we have a good selection of resources to upload for you.