Online professional learning update

Monday, 29 August 2016
This course is designed to be useful and relevant to all Christian educators, regardless of the State or network they belong toAs many of you will know, we are developing some online learning courses to be made available through CEPA that are designed to support Christian educators in wrestling with what it means to shape education from a biblical worldview.

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing our first professional learning course on Monday, 17th October. It will be titled, 'The Bible and Education' and features videos from Rod Thompson and Jefferson Bethke. It can be difficult to let God's word authentically shape learning in the classroom. At times, it becomes easy to simply tack a Bible verse on to a lesson or force God's word to say something it never really intended to say for the sake of making the lesson, 'Christian'. The course is aimed at wrestling with some of these challenges.

It has been important for us to ensure this first course is well developed and the technology is functioning well before rushing it out. The course is nearing completion, but, with the end of term approaching, we have decided to hold off on releasing the course until the fresh start of Term 4.

Some important points about the professional learning:

  • These courses are designed to be useful for all Christian educators, regardless of which State or network they belong to.
  • These courses will be accredited with BOSTES for NSW teachers. We are working to have them accredited with TQI for ACT teachers also. Only CEPA members will receive credit.
  • The courses will be about 2 hours in length, but do not have to be completed in a single sitting.
  • We encourage school staff to work through these courses together in discussion and collaboration.
  • Only CEPA members will be able to directly access these courses, but others can view the course and participate in the learning. However, to get the most out of the interactive nature of these courses, CEPA membership is recommended.
  • With increasing requirements relating to professional learning in various States, these courses are designed to help schools in providing Bible-centred professional learning that is easily accessible.