Mathematics focus month

Monday, 1 August 2016
Mathematics focus month:

Today is the first day of August, which means this is also the beginning of our Mathematics focus month. Throughout the month of August, we will be uploading and sharing Mathematics resources for you to use. These resources are from teachers who are wrestling with the challenges of teaching Mathematics faithfully in the light of God's word.

The resources that are shared are not perfect. No teaching program ever is, and so they should be used as stimulus for your own ideas. Likewise, it is impossible to take a program or unit of work from one teacher and directly implement it within your own context without careful consideration of your own school context. We pray that these resources might result in new ideas and faithful teaching that sees students growing in their understanding of God's purposes for Mathematics.

If you have your own resources to share, then please upload them. Every teaching program I have read has had something useful to contribute to the wider community. We do not expect perfection as we are all wrestling throught this together. I know I have never come close to writing a unit I am completely happy with!

We would be particularly keen to get hold of Transformation by Design templates that people might have worked on for Mathematics, with or without accompanying units of work.

Professional development update:

We are in the process of developing a professional learning unit for CEPA members that can be completed online. As it is the first time we have put together such a course, we want to ensure it is working smoothly before uploading it to CEPA. Whilst I cannot give you a specific time frame, the majority of the content is in place and needs some tweaking. There is some additional website work that also needs to take place in making sure credit is recorded and given to CEPA members for completing the course. We will keep you updated.