CEPA Roadmap

Monday, 30 May 2016
The launch of the new website was an important step for CEPA. The website provides a strong core for us to build upon in to the future. However, CEPA is not just a website. It is an Association and the core of an Association is not technology, but people. CEPA's focus is in providing the tools that enable resource-sharing, networking, and the professional growth of its members. The website was but a step in this journey.

Our focus at CEPA has shifted slightly now that the website has launched. Over the coming months, we are committed to bringing new content to you, our members. We hope the new content is both encouraging and useful, but most of all, that it is grounded in God's word.

Our roadmap for the next three months:

June: Our first subject focus month. During this month, we will be regularly uploading new content to CEPA related to English. We strongly encourage members to consider whether they might have (or be able to get their hands on) something to contribute during this month, too!

July: In July, we will be uploading a new CEPA video to the website for members to engage with. This video will be from a recent conference. Feel free to show this video to non-members, too!

August: In August, we will launch or first online accredited professional learning course. This course is currently in development and will explore the forces shaping education and specifically, how God's word shapes Christian education.

Our roadmap extends beyond August, but we wanted to give you an outline of the plans ahead. We intend to bring new content to CEPA each month in addition to the weekly blogs and daily discussions. If you have any feedback or comments, click the phone icon at the top of the page to send us a message.