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Monday, 23 May 2016

Over the coming weeks, I intend to upload a number of news posts outlining some of the new features of the website and walking you through how they work and why particular decisions were made. Hopefully this will be of assistance in using the website, while also helping you to understand the direction we are aiming towards with CEPA.

Forums - How do they work?

  1. When you visit the new forums, you are initially presented with a listing of all forum posts. This listing is organised by order of most recently uploaded. 

  2. When you comment on a forum discussion, that discussion will return to the top of the forum listing so that discussion can continue and forum posts are not 'lost in the webisphere'.

  3. You can search and filter forum posts by topics. From the search bar on the right hand side, you can select a subject area and enter keywords to search by. Only posts matching your search will appear. This means you can easily find posts related to English if you so wish. When creating a new post, members must select the appropriate category. If your post does not fit in to a given category, the category, 'other' is a catch-all.

  4. Attached resources go directly to the resources page. When you attach a file to a forum discussion, the attachment is recognised by the system and sent straight to the resources section. Likewise, when a new resource is uploaded, a notification appears within the forums.

  5. Forum discussions now show the number of views. This is helpful in tracking how many people are engaging and viewing your discussions, even if no comments are being left. It also helps us to identify most popular discussions for the members landing page.

Forums - Why?

We made the choice to change the way the forums were structured. In the old site, forums were organised in to separate categories based on many different categories. Whilst there were benefits to this structure, we found that the majority of discussion was taking place in the general forum and that the others received little attention.

The decision was made to amalgamate the forums to create a central place of discussion, whilst still allowing forums to be filtered and organised when searching for a particular subject area.

Our hope is that this focuses the discussion in to one area that is easy to find and contribute towards.

There continues to be a Principals' forum which can only be contributed to by Principals. When creating a Principals' post, this will only be viewable by other Principals.

If you have any questions about the forums or find something not working as intended, please email me at luke.pereira@cepa.edu.au

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