Name School Position Faculty
Stephen Brinton Alphacrucis College Teacher/other Other
Adam Goodworth Alphacrucis College Teacher in training None
Claire Tidmas Annandale Christian College Teacher/other
Natasha Mackinnon Aquinas College Executive Staff Other
Kelly Camarata Araluen Christian College Teacher/other
Nicholas Harder Araluen Christian College Teacher/other
David Watkins Arden Anglican School Executive Staff Other
Brendan Corr Australian Christian College Marsden Park Principal
Julie-Anne Heise Avondale College Teacher/other Other
Michael Stewart Ballarat Christian College Principal Administration
Karen Hooper Bayside Christian College Teacher/other
Andrew Manning Bayside Christian College Principal Administration
Toni Steinbergs Bayside Christian College Executive Staff
David Gray Belmont Christian College Executive Staff Other
Sharon Sopher Belmont Christian College Principal
Julie Madgwick Blue Mountains Grammar School Teacher/other
Catherine O'Doherty Calderwood Christian School Teacher/other Other
Joanne Dixon Calvin Christian Junior School Teacher/other
Rebecca Aitchison-GIll Calvin Christian School Teacher/other PDHPE
Karalyn Bylsma Calvin Christian School Teacher/other
Tania Still Carey Baptist College Teacher/other
Olivia Chapman Carinya Christian School Teacher/other Other
Mark Hampstead Carinya Christian School Executive Staff English
Robyn Harvey Carinya Christian School Executive Staff
Kylie Turnbull Carinya Christian School Tamworth Teacher/other HSIE
Hugh MacCallum CEN Principal
Michael Vos CEN Tasmania Principal Administration
Louisa Doherty Chairo Christian School Teacher/other English
Simon Matthews Chairo Christian School Executive Staff Administration
Elizabeth Walsh Chairo Christian School Teacher/other
Margaret Louw Channel Christian School Principal Other
Michelle Dempsey Christian Education National Principal
Nina Edlin Christian Education National
Alison Horwood Christian Education National
Fiona Partridge Christian Education National Principal Other
Luke Pereira Christian Education National Teacher/other Administration
Chris Prior Christian Education National Executive Staff Other
Suzanne Dishington Christian Schools Tasmania Teacher/other Mathematics
Luke Roberts Christian Schools Tasmania Teacher/other Science
Samuel Whittle Christian Schools Tasmania Teacher/other
Jonathan Arnold Circular Head Christian School
Ara Popowski Circular Head Christian School Principal
Meagan Popowski Circular Head Christian School Teacher/other
Laine Tuxworth Circular Head Christian School
Michelle Kathage Cooloola Christian College Executive Staff
Nicole Conway Covenant Christian School Teacher/other Creative and Performing Arts
Samantha Glassock Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
John Hill Covenant Christian School Teacher/other HSIE
Katrina Horsley Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
Max Monin Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
Mairwen Mortlock-Chapman Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
Chris O'Sullivan Covenant Christian School Executive Staff
Cath Rose Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
Bill Rusin Covenant Christian School Principal
Tim Smithies Covenant Christian School Teacher/other
Dave Youl Covenant Christian School Executive Staff Other
Ezra Warren Covenant College Teacher/other English
Matthew Dowd Covenant College Geelong Teacher/other Mathematics
Michael Tooler Darwin Sattler Christian College Principal None
Maryanne Jones Deniliquin Christian School Principal
Rod Krause Dubbo Christian School Executive Staff
Andrew Schmidt Eastern College Australia Teacher/other Other
Anne Knibbe Emmanuel Christian School Teacher/other
Drew Roberts Emmanuel Christian School Teacher/other
Scott Winkler Emmanuel Christian School Principal Administration
Erik Hofsink Emmaus Christian School Principal
Bob Stunell Fellow Teacher/other
Rachel Heslop Gawa Christian School Principal
Judy Chesson Girraween Primary School Teacher/other Educational Support
Craig Dredge Goldfields Baptist College Principal Administration
Liza Hone Heritage Christian School Teacher/other
Rohan Kew Heritage Christian School Executive Staff English
Mark Hamann Horizon Christian School Teacher/other
Suzanne David Illawarra Christian School Teacher/other
Ainsley Atkinson Illawarra Christian School, Cordeaux Teacher/other HSIE
Royce Abraham Jisu Prem English School India Teacher/other Administration
Elizabeth Porter Kuyper Christian School Teacher/other
Ian Shaw Kuyper Christian School Principal
Julie Wilson Kuyper Christian School Teacher/other Educational Support
Adrian Bosker Launceston Christian School Principal Administration
Janette Boyle Launceston Christian School
Lisa Carins Launceston Christian School Teacher/other None
Julie Ferguson Launceston Christian School
Lisa James Launceston Christian school Teacher/other
Brent Jose Launceston Christian School Teacher/other Science
Irene Niebuur Launceston Christian School Teacher/other
Nicola Allen Leighland Christian School
Ruth Aulich Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Jacqueline Austin Leighland Christian School
Natasha Bakker Leighland Christian School
Elysia Beard Leighland Christian School
Julia Boersma Leighland Christian School
Adam Clark Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Bev Clarke Leighland Christian School Teacher/other Other
Keryn Coates Leighland Christian School Teacher/other Other
Andrew Cowen Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Jannet de Bruyn Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Dianna de Deuge Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Shaylyn Evans Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Ben Freshney Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
John Gair Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Chris Gane Leighland Christian School Teacher/other Other
Stewart Gane Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Janine Gibson Leighland Christian School Teacher/other Educational Support
David Grey Leighland Christian School Executive Staff
Anita Handley Leighland Christian School
Helmut Hartwig Leighland Christian School
Erina Hayes Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Michelle Hays Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Jennifer Hendriks Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Angella Jackson Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Hyla Joubert Leighland Christian School
MIke Karpinskyj Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Lynette Kersnovski Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Zane King Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Elizabeth Lovelock Leighland Christian School
Glenn Mace Leighland Christian School Principal
Chris Marmion Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Phil McCorkell Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Joanne McLean Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Bianca Niebuur Leighland Christian School
Bethany Pascoe Leighland Christian School
Robin Pople Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Lauren Porch Leighland Christian School
Ian Reynolds Leighland Christian School
Elizabeth Scheu Leighland Christian School Principal Administration
Alessandra Shand Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
James Steenson Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Sophie Taylor Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Bettina Townsend Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Brett Wallace Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Tim Wilson Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Paul Wynne Leighland Christian School Teacher/other
Chaojie Zhou Leighland Christian School
Myriama McNab Leighland Christian School - Ulverstone Campus Teacher/other Other
Delwyn Polden Leighland Christian School Burnie Campus Teacher/other
Mary Burgess Leighland Christian School(Burnie campus) Teacher/other
Gavin Hyslop Maitland Christian School Teacher/other Other
Geoff Peet Maitland Christian School Principal
Joshua Vine Maitland Christian School Executive Staff PDHPE
Anthony Head Mamre Anglican School Executive Staff
Amber Badenhop Marrara Christian College Executive Staff Other
Leslie Beissel Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Russell Dempster Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Michael Evans Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Shelley Galbraith Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Monique Manning Marrara Christian College Teacher/other Other
David Parkin Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Gareth Watson Marrara Christian College Executive Staff Other
Jill Williams Marrara Christian College Teacher/other
Karin Hempenstall Mid North Christian College
Narelle Sketcher Mount Evelyn Christian School Principal
Jacqui Stok Mount Evelyn Christian School Executive Staff
Stephanie Hanscamp Mountain District Christian School Teacher/other
Jason Riding Mountain District Christian School Principal
Charlie Justins Mountains Christian College Principal Administration
Lindsay Graieg National Institute for Christian Education Teacher/other Other
Miriam Lili National Institute for Christian Education Executive Staff
Chris Parker National Institute for Christian Education Executive Staff
Rev Robert John Frisken AM New Hope International Limited Teacher/other
Aourora Tolko Nhulunbuy Christian College Teacher/other Other
Bethany Armstrong Northern Christian School Teacher/other Other
Adrienne Bitt Northern Christian School Teacher/other Other
Petrina Essex Northern Christian School Principal
Andrea Metcalfe Northside Christian College, Bundoora, Vic Teacher/other Mathematics
Andrew Dane Nowra Anglican College Teacher/other Other
Rebecca Dimmick NT Christian College Executive Staff Other
Joel van Bentum NT Christian College and Transforming Training Principal
Paul Arundell NT Christian Schools Principal Administration
Kathleen Flentje NT Christian Schools Executive Staff Other
Peter Kent NT Christian Schools Teacher/other Other
Phoebe van Bentum NT Christian Schools Executive Staff
Richard Hart NTCSA Teacher/other
Lynette Hart NTCSA Teacher/other
Cathy McPhee Orange Christian School Executive Staff
Leanne Schenkel Orange Christian School Teacher/other
Douglas Zylstra Pacific Coast Christian School Teacher/other
Doug Allison Palmerston Christian School Teacher/other English
Annette Kent Palmerston Christian School Teacher/other
Dee Little Palmerston Christian School Teacher/other None
Christine Macrides Palmerston Christian School Teacher/other
David Jenkin Pilgrim School Teacher/other
Wayne Gillie Plenty Valley Christian College Teacher/other
John Metcalfe Plenty Valley Christian College Principal Other
Suellen Loughhead Ravenswood School for Girls Teacher/other
Charlotte Watson Richard Johnson Anglican School Teacher/other Science
Peter Nelson River City Christian College Principal Administration
Caron Lane Rivercrest Christian College Teacher/other English
Suz Gorham Roseville College Executive Staff Other
Heather Skinner Rouse Hill Anglican College Teacher/other
Roslyn Elkington Sattler Christian College Executive Staff English
Melody Finnimore Sattler Christian College Teacher/other Other
Katrina Harley Sattler Christian College
Phillip Nash Sekolah Pelita Harapan Principal
David Stonestreet Shire Christian School Executive Staff Creative and Performing Arts
Ella Meyer Snowy Mountains Christian School Principal
John Reed Solano Christian Academy Executive Staff Other
Kirsten Macaulay St. Andrew's Cathedral School Executive Staff Creative and Performing Arts
Conor Buckley Strathalbyn Christian College Teacher/other HSIE
Steve Fletcher Strathalbyn Christian College Teacher/other
Gavin Hirschhausen Strathalbyn Christian College Principal Administration
Christine Crump Swan Christian College Executive Staff None
Heartburst Digital test Teacher/other Educational Support
Graham McDonald The DIDUNO Network Teacher/other HSIE
Christine Furner The Hills Grammar School Executive Staff
Michael Kingsford Thornlie Christian College Executive Staff
Catherine Green Torrens Valley Christian School Teacher/other
Fergus McGinley Torrens Valley Christian School Executive Staff Mathematics
Suzi Pedler Torrens Valley Christian School Teacher/other
Margaret Aitchison Tyndale Christian School Teacher/other Other
Steve Ey Tyndale Christian School Teacher/other Other
Jack Joyce Tyndale Christian School Principal
David Parker Tyndale Christian School Teacher/other
Michael Seto Tyndale Christian School Teacher/other Mathematics
David Ellis Wagga Wagga Christian College Teacher/other
Geoffrey Xeros Wagga Wagga Christian College Teacher/other Creative and Performing Arts
Nicole Rietveld Waverley Christian College Executive Staff
David Johnston Wycliffe Christian School Principal
Jonathan Barklay Not Specified Teacher/other HSIE
Sue Barter Not Specified Teacher/other
Yvonne Bradley Not Specified Teacher/other
Daniel Clarke Not Specified Teacher/other
Tony Deenick Not Specified Teacher/other Administration
Ken Dickens Not Specified Principal Science
Belinda Everingham Not Specified Teacher/other Science
George Glanville Not Specified Teacher/other None
Stephen Gorringe Not Specified Teacher in training Creative and Performing Arts
Lucinda Hall Not Specified Teacher/other
Carolyn Kelshaw Not Specified Teacher/other
Stephen McAllister Not Specified Teacher/other Administration
Jack Mechielsen Not Specified Teacher/other
Stewart Miller Not Specified Teacher/other
Terry Myers Not Specified Teacher/other Other
Matthew Paterson Not Specified
Luke Pereira Not Specified Teacher/other PDHPE
Neil Pierson Not Specified Teacher/other
Neil Rowcroft Not Specified Principal
Julie-Anne Seach Not Specified Executive Staff
Bethany Thomas Not Specified Teacher/other Other
Barbara Washington Not Specified Teacher/other
Tim White Not Specified Teacher/other
Freya White Not Specified Teacher/other
Catherine Wilson Not Specified Teacher in training Other