Why join CEPA?

CEPA members have access to a range of tools and opportunities for further growth as professional Christian educators. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers require educators to be engaged with professional teaching networks. CEPA is unique in that it seeks to grow educators in their application of a God's word to the educational context.

Benefits for CEPA members:

Teaching resources: The CEPA website has an extensive, growing database of teaching resources written from a distinctive biblical worldview. These resources include teaching programs, assessment tasks, policies, worksheets, and articles. All members have the capacity to upload and download resources at no additional cost.

Forum discussions: The CEPA website contains forums for discussion. In these forums members can find ongoing discussions, post their own topics, and seek advice from other Christian educators.

Accredited online professional learning: CEPA members have access to regular accredited online professional learning at no additional cost. Four times per year, one hour courses will be provided for CEPA members to complete. These are designed to be completed in the time of a normal staff meeting.

Weekly blog: During each week of the Australian school year, a blog post will be contributed by one of our members highlighting practical implication of a biblical worldview in education. These will be discussion starters for the forums.

Christian Teachers Journal: All CEPA members receive a free subscription to the Christian Teachers Journal (CTJ). The CTJ is also available to view online through the CEPA website.

Job listing: CEPA members will have access to a listing of jobs for Christian educators. This job listing is available to view at any time and is kept regularly updated.

CEPA live events: CEPA runs live, face-to-face professional learning events around Australia each year. These events, where possible, are recorded and provided through the website for those who are unable to attend.

CEPA videos: CEPA provides videos of professional learning events and conferences for members to view at their leisure. These videos can be used for staff development and training.

  • Employed educator: $156 annual subscription
  • Full time student: $48 annual subscription
  • Retired educator: $84 annual subscription
  • International educator (living outside Australia): $96 annual subscription
Christian Teacher's Journal $29
Forum discussions $20*
Teaching resources ~ $50*
Job listing -
Weekly blog -
Professional development discounts Dependent upon the amount of Professional Learning undertaken
Online professional learning $200
CEPA live events $50
CEPA videos $20
TOTAL  ~ $369

* The value of these items is an estimate based on an average of what users would be willing to pay for this benefit. The value of these items is subjective and may differ between users.